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Day Two - Field Visits & Discovering Korea

        On the second day of the Forum, participants were thoroughly immersed in Korean culture. In the morning session, the mass media professionals were divided by preference into three groups and made field visits to Arirang TV, Bukhansan Mountain, and the Borderless Village where they gained insight on Korean approaches to media, the environment, and multiculturalism. Later in the day, participants partook in Korean cultural activities that brought about much laughter and friendship while keeping in mind the aim of these cultural exchanges to serve the greater goal of international understanding.
        At Arirang TV, participants learned about the workings of a Korean-based global news station. One participant expressed his eagerness to visit the home base of the news organization in which his own employer television station was already exchanging footage, while other participants made valuable contacts to bring Arirang징짱s International Program Exchange to their home country.
        The second group trekked around Bukhansan Mountain and learned about the importance of reporting on environmental development projects with a balanced perspective. Participants learned that the immense popularity of Bukhansan Mountain did not simply mean overwhelming support for the environmental project as the popular trail has attracted criticism due to its contribution to increased levels of erosion, amplified noise pollution for local residents, and the frightening away of local animals.
        The third group visited 징짰The Borderless Village징짱 in Ansan where they wandered through the streets of a multicultural zone that was carved out for foreigners in the hopes of providing them with extra support. The mass media participants learned about initiatives from the Korean government and civil society to assist foreigners with assimilation, and participants enthusiastically noted the good ideas that they hoped to bring to their home country.
        For the afternoon session, participants explored the traditional ambience of Namsangol Hanok Village, where they were clothed in Korean traditional dress, observed tea ceremonial manners, and learned to sing along with a group of Korean folk musicians. Afterwards, participants visited UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site 징짰Changdeokgung징짱 where they toured the beautiful and tragic grounds of the palace. The historical reminders of Changdeokgung provided a meaningful backdrop for mass media participants to reflect on their responsibility to strengthen international education through objective and critical historical analysis. The day ended with a banquet hostedby Ministry of Education, Science and Technology where participants were graciously welcomed by Assistant Minister Lee Sung-Hee and challenged to build lasting peace using their talents in mass media.


Day Three - Closing
Day One - Launching