14.  Forum Sketch 2011/09/30 536
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Forum Sketch:
2011 Asia-Pacific Forum on Mass Media and Education for International Understanding
20-22 September 2011
(Tue-Thu) Seoul, Korea
13.  [Session V] Izzat Eshboyev 2011/09/29 252
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Presentation: Living Together: Mass Media and Intercultural Relations - As love is for all ages,
friendship is for all nations
Clip on: information on Uzbekistan

12.  [Session II] Hanim Muhili 2011/09/29 261
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Presentation: Labour Migration in Asia Pacific
Clip from: News report

11.  [Session V] Park, Jong-Woo 2011/09/29 267
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Presentation: Moken, Sea Gypsies of Andaman Sea
Clip from: < Sea Gypsies >

10.  [Session VI] Nimo Walter Kama 2011/09/29 303
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Presentation: Advocacy Reporting for Climate Change Action – Feature on Sea Level Rising in Manus
Clip from: < Rising Sea Level and Sinking Islands of Manus >

9.  [Session VI] Bibek Regmi 2011/09/29 258
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Presentation: The Dark Side of Labor Migration
Clip from: < Dark side of  Labor Migration >

8.  [Session VI] Sangye Dorji 2011/09/29 256
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Presentation: 징째Green School for Green Bhutan징짹 – Towards a Green and Happy South Asia
Clip from: <Green Schools for Green Bhutan>

7.  [Session V] Nishitani Fumikazu 2011/09/29 250
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Presentation: Voices from Iraq & Afghanistan War
Clip from: News feature on war in Afghanistan and the refugees

6.  [Session IV] Dionisio De Jesus Lopes 2011/09/29 289
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Presentation: Power Problem: Timor-Leste Experience
Clip from: CPA Audiovisual

5.  [Session I] Rustem Rakhimov 2011/09/29 447
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Presentation: Role of Journalism in the International Cultural Exchange: Experience of Kazakhstan
Clips from:
1) Introduction to Kazahstan
2) Report from OSCE Summit
3) Report from Asian Games ...more
1 [2]