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  Plenary Speakers

Suh, Hwa-Sook

Staff Writer, Hankook Ilbo
Former Columnist, Hankook Ilbo (2003~2010)
Former Editor of Arts & Entertainment Desk, Hankook Ilbo (2002)
Former Editor of Public Opinion Desk, Hankook Ilbo (1999~2001)

Presentation Title

Role of Journalism for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific: Korean Experience

Henry Omaga-Diaz

Senior Correspondent, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
Anchor, ABS-CBN ‘Balitang Middle East’ (2005-Present)
Anchor, Radio DZMM ‘Pasada Sais Trenta’ (Present)
2010 19th KBP Golden Dove Awards ‘Best TV News Caster’

Presentation Title

Labor Migration of Asia and the Pacific: Philippine Experience

Saeed Ahmad

Assistant News Editor, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Islamabad (2009-Present)
Head News Wing, Azad Kashmir Radio, Mirpur (2007-2009)
Sub-Editor, Azad Kashmir Radio, Mirpur (2002-2007)
‘Best Sub-Editor Award’, Azad Kashmir Radio (2006)

Presentation Title

Role of Community Radio in Crisis Situation - A Case Study of Attabad Lake



Saleh Ahmed Mujaffor

Senior Assistant Secretary, Department of Mass Communication, Ministry of Information, Bangladesh

Presentation Title

Climate Change in Bangladesh: Role of Mass Media

Sangye Dorji

Chief Media and Information Officer, Information and Communication Division, Ministry of Education, Bhutan

Presentation Title

“Green School for Green Bhutan” - Towards a Green and Happy South Asia

Sophirom Khan

Deputy Chief, Office of Overseas News Department, Agence Kamphuchea Press, Ministry of Information, Cambodia

Presentation Title

Media and Climate Change in Cambodia

Jinqiu Zhao

Associate Professor, Institute of Communication Studies, Communication University of China, China

Presentation Title

Communicating for Social Impacts: Lessons from Rural ICT Projects in China and India

Annuuriah Amirmachmud Gewang

Assistant Producer, ANTV Indonesia, Indonesia

Presentation Title

The Power of Mass Media in Reconstructing Infrastructure and Education

Otto Munaf Iskandar

Head of Public Relations & Communications and International Relations, Indonesia Association of National Private Radio Stations(PRSSNI) Senior Radio Broadcaster & Senior Radio Reporter, Radio Kayumanis, Indonesia

Presentation Title

What the World Needs Now and Onwards are Friendship and Peace, Toward Sustainability and Safety in the Asia-Pacific Region

S. Mohsen Banihashemi

Head of Communication and Journalism Department, Media University of Iran, Iran

Presentation Title

IRAN: Multi-cultural, Multi-lingual Land through Persuasive Media

Nishitani Fumikazu

Freelance Journalist, Japan

Presentation Title

Voices from Iraq & Afghanistan War

Kwon, Tae-Chul

Senior Producer, TV Programming & Planning Team, Arirang TV, Korea

Presentation Title

Role of Media for Multicultural Coexistence of the Asian Countries – Case of Arirang TV Programme Called ‘Top Talents’

Park, Jong-Woo

Director, Indivision Production, Korea

Presentation Title

Moken, Sea Gypsies of Andaman Sea

Lee, Kwang-Pyo

Assistant Editor in Arts & Entertainment Desk, Dong-A Ilbo, Korea

Presentation Title

Journalism and Multi-culture

Lee, Seon-Min

Opinion Editor at Newsroom, The Chosunilbo, Korea

Presentation Title

Reconciliation, Mutual Understanding, and Cooperation by History Education: Case of Korea, China, and Japan

Cho, Hong-Sup

Environment Correspondent, The Hankyoreh, Korea

Presentation Title

Post-Fukushima Dilemma of the Korean Nuclear Policy and Challenge of Communication

Lim, Haang

Senior Writer, Environmental Issue, City Desk, Kookmin Daily, Korea

Presentation Title

Dual Sides of Bukhansan(Mountain) Dulegil

Rustem Rakhimov

Senior Reporter, Channel Seven, Kazakhstan

Presentation Title

Role of Journalism in the International Cultural Exchange: Experience of Kazakhstan

Aichurok Kanatbekova

Head of International Affairs Department, Public Broadcasting Corporation(PBC), Kyrgyzstan

Presentation Title

Climate Change and Its Impact to Kyrgyz Republic

Hanim Muhili

TV News Reporter, Radio Television Malaysia(RTM), Malaysia

Presentation Title

Labour Migration in Asia Pacific

Tsogzolmaa Tumur-Ochir

Journalist, C1 Television, Mongolia

Presentation Title

Mongolian Cultural Heritage and Traditional Clothes

Than Myint Tun

Chief Editor, News and Periodicals Enterprise, ‘Myanmar Alin’, Ministry of Information, Myanmar

Presentation Title

The Role of Media in Educating People

Bibek Regmi

Desk Editor, Avenues Television, Nepal

Presentation Title

The Dark Side of Labor Migration

Tapu Misa

Columnist, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

Presentation Title

Challenges of Promoting Multicultural Understanding in the Mainstream News Media: New Zealand Experience

Inangaro Vakaafi

Senior Reporter, Broadcasting Corporation of Niue, Niue

Presentation Title

Culture and Education Sustaining ‘Tagata Niue’, A Dying Race - Survival of Taoga Niue

Aayesha Ikram

Director(Media and Publication), Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Presentation Title

Role of Media and Higher Education - Case Study Pakistan

Nimo Walter Kama

Executive Director, Media Council of Papua New Guinea
Vice President, Pacific Islands News Association, Papua New Guinea

Presentation Title

Advocacy Reporting for Climate Change Action – Feature on Sea Level Rising in Manus

Ella Evangelista–Martelino

Senior Program Manager, GMA Network Inc., Philippines

Presentation Title

Responsibility of Journalism to the Peace and Sustainable Development of Asia-Pacific Region: The Philippine Experience

Harindra Jayalal Kalatuwawa

Associate Producer, Head of News, Swarnavahini TV, Sri Lanka

Presentation Title

Climate Change and Natural Disasters in Sri Lanka

Safo Safarov

Executive Director, Public Organization Independent School of Journalism “Tajikistan-21st century”, Tajikistan

Presentation Title

Spring Shocks

Porntip Yenjabok

Deputy Dean for Research Affairs, Head of Asia Studies of Faculty of Humanities, Department of Communication Arts and Information Science, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Presentation Title

Korean Series Literacy: Lesson Learned in Thailand

Dionisio De Jesus Lopes

Associate Producer, Casa de Produção Audiovisual, Timor-Leste

Presentation Title

Power Problem: Timor-Leste Experience

Izzat Eshboyev

TV Journalist, National TV-Radio Company of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

Presentation Title

Living Together: Mass Media and Intercultural Relations - As love is for all ages, friendship is for all nations

Bui Minh Hoa

Journalist, The World & Vietnam Newspaper, Vietnam

Presentation Title

Natural Disaster Management